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What is this?

This page is pretty much just a collection of all my stuff.

This includes links to my youtube, M2TW mod, deviantart, minecraft mod packs and twitch.


I mainly make gaming videos and showcases but I've also made animations, tutorials and other random stuff.

Here are some examples:

Igni Ferroque

Igni Ferroque is a multiplayer mod for Medieval 2: Total War and is hosted on the TWC forums as well as being on ModDB.

If you enjoy playing multiplayer on m2tw then you should check it out.


I do a lot of different types and styles of art, and this is where I post it.

Traditional art:

Photo manipulation:




Pixel Art:

Minecraft Mod Packs

I have a different page for that here: http://mcquoth.blogspot.co.uk/


I barely ever use twitch now but when I do, I try to get the viewers involved in the games I'm streaming - so look out for that.